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Towel Free "Gentle Air
 Body Dryer"

7.  How many of the units have been sold? / Is the body dryer reliable? / Is there a warranty?

The "Gentle Air Body Dryer" is an extremely reliable, proven product — over 15,000 have been sold in Europe and the United States. There has not been one reported product failure; this despite the fact that many hundreds of these patented body dryers have been in daily use for over 10 years.  Reliability is so high that we provide, not ninety days, but rather a full one-year warranty.

8.  Can the unit be installed in any shower?

Most showers are enclosed on all four sides by walls and a door or curtain.  If a shower curtain is used, it should be weighted at the bottom, or made of material that will not be blown about.  

Compact and lightweight (approx 8 lbs)

Attractive, durable ABS plastic casing

Securely and easily attaches to shower wall

Two speed settings, simple and safe to operate

Powerful, energy efficient 220v / 12.5amp motor

Proven reliability / 2-Year warranty

Patented airflow design creates a vortex of air providing a powerful, yet gentle, breeze of warm air flowing evenly from head to toe

1.  How does it work?

The top of the dryer (called the “pod”) contains a heating element, a fan and a motor to power the fan.  Attached to the underside of the pod and forming the leg of the dryer is an air tube.  The air tube contains holes, or air jets.  When the dryer is turned on, the fan forces warmed air down the tube and out of the air jets.

The air jets are created by the injection mold itself and are pre-set at different and specific angles so that, for example, the air exiting the holes near the bottom of the tube is aimed somewhat downward to ensure drying of the feet even if the bottom of the tube is elevated some inches above the shower floor or bottom of a bathtub.  Also, the specially designed air tube causes the air to circulate in a swirling motion throughout the shower enclosure and the force of air is almost the same at the bottom as that exiting near the top, thus promoting the even drying of the entire body from head to toe.

The design of the air tube and the resulting air flow is so unique that it has been granted a patent!

In addition to the above, the dryer must be connected to a 220v circuit.  This must be done by a qualified electrician and the time required for this varies widely based on the existing wiring configuration in the house or facility.

12.  How do you turn it on and off?

The unit comes with a pressure-activated (bellows) switch that can be placed on the shower floor for foot activation, or mounted on the wall for hand-activation.  The switch provides three positions (off, low-speed and high-speed).

13.  Is there a Support Line to answer other questions I may have?

Yes, support is available during normal business hours.  You may call 954-421-3169 or send an email to support@bocahomemedical.com.

14.  How is the "Gentle Air Body Dryer" different than others?

The "Gentle Air Body Dryer" is not the only after-shower body dryer on the market…just the best, in our opinion.

  >  Some of the other models can’t be installed directly in the shower and require you to step out of your warm shower and dry in a separate area. So you have to go from warm air to cold air to get warm and dry off. Why not just stay where you are, nice and warm? 

  >  One of the other models dries by blowing water off your body.  The force of air is so harsh that you feel like a car in a car wash. 

  >  With another model, the air blows only from above, drying your head much quicker that the rest of your body. The "Gentle Air Body Dryer" has specially designed and angled vents that dry your legs and feet with almost as much airflow as swirls over your head and upper body. 

  >  Another model is so big, you need to build a castle just to house it. Smile.

The "Gentle Air Body Dryer" is compact and dries you evenly from head-to-toe with a gentle breeze of swirling warm air while you stay in the same warm space where you showered and is maintenance-free!
  >  A simple ledge-width build-out can be added above the tub so the body dryer can be affixed to the build-out, thereby allowing the air tube to extend down into the tub.

  >  Up to 18” can be trimmed from the bottom of the air tube without degrading performance to an unacceptable level.  This would allow installation on the wall surrounding the tub, assuming the rim/ledge is not more than 18” from the bottom of the tub and if the rim/ledge is wide enough to support the bottom of the air tube.  (Note: The cap supplied with the unit and intended to fit on the bottom opening of the air tube must be modified to fit the new opening created when the air tube is trimmed.)

  >  Another alternative is to utilize a drying cabinet/enclosure separate from the tub.

  >  For other special or unusual situations, please contact Support (see #13 below).
2.  How long will it take to dry my body after showering?

Drying with a towel normally takes 1½ - 2 minutes while typical "Gentle Air Body Dryer" users report they spend slightly longer -- approximately 2 - 3 minutes.  The time required by any specific user will vary depending on the shower enclosure, body size, body hair, etc.  As example, a very large person or one with an abundance of body hair will take a little longer to dry, as will a person in a wheelchair.  In this latter instance, the chair is being dried by the body dryer too.  Tips on how to maximize performance of the dryer are contained in #16 below.
Interestingly, while the drying time is relatively short, many users (especially women) report that they stay in the shower longer just to enjoy the luxurious, spa-like experience created by the warm, swirling air.  

3.  Is it safe?

Yes! The Tornado Body Dryer is the only one specifically configured to meet building/safety codes in the USA. The dryer is perfectly safe to operate within the shower.  To ensure safety, the dryer must be installed by a qualified electrician following the instructions provided. These instructions include routing the electrical cable outside the shower area and connecting to a power source utilizing a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter).

4.  How much energy does it use?

The dryer is very energy-efficient.  The use of low wattage components coupled with the unique air circulation system keeps power (wattage) requirements to a minimum.  The unit operates on 220v/12.5 amps.  Nominal output is 2.9 Kilowatts.  Our tests indicate the "Gentle Air Body Dryer" consumes 70% less energy compared to washing/drying towels (each towel used multiple times with several towels per laundry load).

5.  How warm is the air that comes out of the air jets?

The air coming out of the jets will feel comfortably warm, but not excessively hot.  Since the dryer circulates air within the shower enclosure (warming it during the process), the actual temperature coming out of the dryer is partially dependent on the temperature of the air going in (i.e., the temperature in the room).  The air coming out will be a few degrees warmer than the temperature in the room.

6.  What maintenance is required?

There is no maintenance required other than ensuring the air intake and air jets remain clear of obstructions.  The motor, heating element and fan are all contained in the sealed pod.  The pod should not be opened and the components are not to be tampered with.
9.  Can the unit be used with a bathtub instead of a shower? Usually, but modifications may be required. Ultimately, it depends on the design of the enclosure – read on: 

Frequently Asked Questions
We have tested for drying effectiveness in enclosures with no door or with an open window present or with an air vent turned on directly above the shower enclosure and have found that these variables have minimal, if any, impact on performance. For a related discussion, see #16 below. If you have a unique shower installation and have questions, please contact Support (see #13 below).

The dryer is designed as a vertical, ceiling to floor (i.e., head to toe) unit.  It is designed to be installed on a wall (preferably in a corner) that allows the dryer to be flat up against the wall from top to bottom, and come to rest on the floor.

Bathtubs usually do not have such a wall.  Rather, bathtubs typically have ledges, or rims around the top of the tub and these ledges/rims would not allow for a head to toe installation flat against the wall.  However, there are possible solutions:
15. What does the unit cost and how do I purchase one?

The price of the unit is $1,595. Use the PayPal button to buy one now.  Price includes Shipping to the Continental Contiguous United States (ie. the lower 48). It takes about a week to 10 days to arrive. Don't forget that you will need a qualified electrician to install it with 220 AMP into your shower. If you have any questions, please call us at 954-421-3169 or an email with your questions to us at Bill@BocaHome Medical.com.
10. What is the dryer made of and what are the dimensions?

The casing/housing is made of made of high-quality, injection-molded, ABS Plastic. The dryer is compact and light weight. It measures approximately 6’ 8” (80”) from top to bottom and the shipping weight is approximately 16 lbs.

11. How is it installed?

The dryer is shipped with a mounting plate that attaches to the shower wall using the appropriate screws. The pod has holes so that it can be hung on hooks that protrude from the mounting plate. The air tube gets inserted to the underside of the pod and rests on the shower floor, providing additional support for the entire unit.

Taking measurements, attaching the mounting plate, hanging the pod and inserting the air tube, typically can be completed within 60 - 90 minutes.
Buy ""Gentle Air Body Dryer" Now - $1,995
The Tornado Body Dryer is the only one specifically configured to meet building/safety codes in the USA.
16. Does it come in colors?

The standard Tornado body dryer unit is white. If you are interested in a unit in a different color, please let us know and we will discuss the options and cost with you.
17. Do you ship to Canada? 

Yes. But in some Provinces,there are special considerations. Again, Call us.